To launch the new LG V20 smartphone creative agency SuperHeroes produced a campaign with captivating videos - polished meme versions - remastering existing content and simultaneously showing the amazing filming capabilities of the LG V20 smartphone. The videos went viral! GreatQuestion! is responsible for the communication strategy and media outreach around this campaign.

Damn Daniel

First video for the LG V20 was a remastered version of “Damn Daniel” video. Where two high-school students became stars on Snapchat showing their outfits. The LG video is a polished version of the video, showing off the steadiness of the smartphone. For a successful media outreach we ensured to have exclusive content for press, with exclusive behind the scenes images and interview footage.


Epic Bottle Flip

Michael Senatore was the internet sensation of the Epic Water Bottle Flip video that went viral. A video where Michael simply flips a bottle of water onto a table, doing this with one motion and the crowd goes wild. The second part of the LG campaign remasters an oh so smooth version of the video. Showing off the smartphone’s wide angle video option. GreatQuestion! seeded the video, supported this with smart PR assets and secured free publicity globally.



With more than 41 million views this campaign was extremely successful. The videos received over 100.000 likes and was shared more than 45.000 times. International press picked up the story about Daniel and Michael.

The LG V20 campaign remained in the top 10 of Adweek’s Viral Chart for three weeks and they said: “It’s one of the most engaging pieces of brand content in 2016!”