Kinki Kappers

Kinki Kappers, the Dutch chain of hair salons, has always been known to be rebellious, original and in every way averse to the status quo. Digital creative agency SuperHeroes was asked to bring this spirit to life in a campaign and created the "Deal With It" film. To ensure long-lasting attention to the campaign, GreatQuestion! simultaneously engaged social media content and PR efforts.


Getting eyeballs on Kinki’s principles

We created an engaging social media content calendar around the campaign, meant to give longevity to the film. Besides the content for all their channels, we developed personal content for all the models featured in the video, to create an extra layer of online storytelling. The models were proud to be part of this movement and happy to share their part in the video. We communicated the campaign to press with a creative press release, curated photos, videos and used a strategic distribution. Afterwards we reported on all press results to the client as well, to showcase the ROI.

The impact

The main film proved to be very relatable and definitely stood out: so much so, that The Netherlands biggest lifestyle outlets shared the film to their audiences, both on national TV, in print and online. We reached out to bloggers and influencers which resulted in a great set of glowing articles after the launch. In total the campaign reached over 2 million people in The Netherlands with key stories on RTL Boulevard and LINDAnieuws.

Kinki Kappers is known for their edge and colourful hairdos, and they captured it so well in this video.

Manon Meijers, RTL Boulevard

Beautiful video from Kinki Kappers: because we are beautiful as we are.